Joash Paunil is a student-of-life for life who loves seeing history unfold each day and aspires to make history along with other people in big and small ways!

He desires to see high school and college students thrive in their season of training and preparation and make wise decisions while they are still young.

In this blog he will be sharing his learnings, insights, and adventures as a student of the Bible, of people, and of life!

After graduating AB in Christian Ministries at Febias College of Bible in 2010, he anticipates becoming a part of LifeBox-a organization geared to coach students for Leadership, Integrity, Faith and Excellence!

“Love History, Make History!”

4 Responses to About

  1. Nerissa Grace says:

    Now I know. “Love His story,.. make history..” nice one. Godbless!

  2. Annie says:

    Joash is a man who’s so in love in doing God’s will… ^_^
    I salute you, brother… Live His story… ^_^

  3. reueltica says:

    nice website joash! keep it up.

  4. Norman Vincent says:

    Come on brow! I’m looking forward to the day you are leading hundreds and even thousands of people to God, regardless of their age, culture and background! :-D

    Keep it up! ;-)
    Keep the good fight of faith – Pareng Paul. :-)

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