The Ultimate Pinoy-Student Question: May Pasok Ba?

Abangan bukas sa… :)

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Learning from Churck Norris’ Code of Honor

I was browsing through what Wikipedia has to say about Churck Norris. I only heard his name twice- the first time was through the DO HARD THINGS book by Alex and Brett Harris and just this morning when I re-viewed the film Dodgeball (my younger brother said that it’s one of the rising sports in UPDil and says it’s the best sport for me to shape up). I find Chuck’s Code of honor very interesting:

  1. I will develop myself to the maximum of my potential in all ways.
  2. I will forget the mistakes of the past and press on to greater achievements.
  3. I will continually work at developing love, happiness and loyalty in my family.
  4. I will look for the good in all people and make them feel worthwhile.
  5. If I have nothing good to say about a person, I will say nothing.
  6. I will always be as enthusiastic about the success of others as I am about my own.
  7. I will maintain an attitude of open-mindedness.
  8. I will maintain respect for those in authority and demonstrate this respect at all times.
  9. I will always remain loyal to my God, my country, family and my friends.
  10. I will remain highly goal-oriented throughout my life because that positive attitude helps my family, my country and myself.

Cool huh?

Makes me thinking about my own code of honor…

wait do I have one? :)

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On Your Mark…Get Set!

As student leaders, we can be so excited about the “GO-ing” part that we easily lose sight of what “finish line” we are aiming and if we really are “set” to go and thrive in the race that’s marked out for us.

Whether you’re the team captain of your fencing club or your basketball varsity; an “SK” chairman of your barangay or a youth leader in your minstry; a missions group leader or a student council president, this post will surely help you kick-off right.

I want to share something that I’ve been learning and been thinking through recently. Here are 5 non-negotiable components that make every organization really productive:

1. Vision- a clear mental picture of what could be coupled with a strong conviction that it should be as Andy Stanley puts it. It must come from the heart of the leader or a team of leaders and he/she/they should own it and thrive with it. Specifically, what do you want to accomplish this school year? Where do you want to bring your people this year? Can everyone be united for that end-in mind? Where you are right now is your “point A.” Where you want to go is your “point B”

2. Values- As an organization, a clear set of values-system must support and guard your team’s vision: You may value leadership development, trust, honesty, coaching and advise from the experts, excellence, punctuality, respect etc. What values could you agree on that will help you as a team keep you moving from “point A” to your desired “point B”.

3. Skills-You got to have certain skills to get the job done certainly.  Each member in the team has different skills-set. Know where each one is good at and what he/she loves doing and position them there. Now there will be skills that need to be learned. Each should be always be ready to learn new ones and enjoy where they will be “planted”.

4. Resources- Money is a tool that we use for us to accomplish our goals. It is a means never an end in itself. Financial resources should be monitored well and well accounted for. Yet there’s another resource that is much more powerful than money-its human resources. Value them, earn their trust and you’ll get to accomplish more when more people are involved.

5. Strategy- Knowing where to go, what to value, what skills to have, and resources needed is good but without a wise working strategy, it would have a false start. Never allow a know-it-all attitude. Get coaching. Work with your advisers.

Each component should be present. Without Vision there will be confusion. Without upholding some Values there will be compromise. Without Skills, there will be confidence crisis. Without resources it could be so frustrating. And Without a written working strategy, it will be a false start.

Kudos to all the student leaders gearing up for this school year!

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3 Big Questions Every Student Must Answer

It was one of our Sociology class during my sophomore year in college when our teacher began pouring out her complaints about how bad and demoralized are the teens nowadays. I remember her story being shocked seeing some students in the former university she taught publicly displaying their affections and how seemingly purposeless teens are today. She then mentions 3 principles that she believes every student must answer for them to have a more purposeful life.

I was smiling during the discussion because I actually heard the same principles from our youth pastor when I was still in high school and was very grateful because it really helped me in my student days.

The Big 3 Qs:

1. Who is My Master?

-This first question is totally foundational. Who determines my standards? Who will call the shots? Whose guide will I follow? Friends? Self? Other people? or Jesus?

2. What is My Mission?

-What am I called to do? What skills and abilities do I have? What am I really shaped to do? What am I so passionate about?

3. Who will be My Mate? (or Team Mates)

-Who do i need to surround myself with for me to be the person that I could be and should become?

When our answer for number two is so clear and know we’re really ready to find our mate then we could go considering people who have the same master as ours and compliments our mission in life.

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Passion World Tour 2010 Hong Kong!

May God not just inspire students but really have a change of heart that life is indeed God’s story and we are to play our parts well-passionately for the greater fame of Jesus! Gd bless Hong Kong! We are praying for you!

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Why Are You In A Leadership Position?

John Maxwell lists seven key areas that make a person a leader:

1. Character-Who You Are
People don’t just look for competence. Character is essential.

2. Relationships-Who You Know
You have the right relationships with the right people.

3. Knowledge-What You Know

Though you may not “know it all”, you have the grasp of the facts and information needed to rally the movement.

4. Intuition-What You Feel
More than deciding by mere facts, you have a discerning heart.

5. Experience-Where You Been
You have had a splash before, now is a chance for more!

6. Past Success-What You’ve Done
Because you were faithful with your past responsibilities, you can be relied upon for the present ones.

7. Ability-What You Can Do
People believe in you and your potentials.

“Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much”
-Luke 16:10


Kudos to all the student leaders for S.Y. 2010-2011!

Keep on leading!

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Student Leaders, Focus on Your Strengths!

One of the best graduation gift I received was the book Strength-Based Leadership. I actually heard some people talk about the StrenghtsFinder 2.0 and the results they got. It is an online assessment test (pass keys can be found inside the book when you buy it) that will help you discover where you are really good at as a person and will help you lead according to your strengths.

I actually took the test immediately in our dorm right after my senior final exams. I was too excited to get the result and know my strength as a leader. And lo and behold it really described me- an Activator! My next four themes were Significance, Competition, Woo, and Context.

Wanting to really rest this summer, I left the book with my list of “to read later books” and somewhat forgot the results were days after the graduation.

Now I’m back on it. I finally get its significance. I’m learning a lot about FOCUS these past months. And if there’s one thing I need to focus on its my God-given strengths so I can lead more effectively and efficiently.

Knowing your strengths will also help you be aware of the dark side of them. (I guess the dark side of being an activator is doing so much to the point of burnout and some relational decline of which I am still working on with-talk about sanctification -that’s another topic)

The book has three main ideas for leading more effectively and efficiently:

  1. Know your strength as a leader and invest in it.
  2. Maximize you team by knowing their strengths and putting them in the right places.
  3. Understand the needs of those you lead and meet them.

As student leaders, we could learn this earlier as possible so we could lead more effectively and efficiently.

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History Makers in Hong Kong!

I just came back last night from a trip in Hong Kong and I really enjoyed meeting new people and learning things from them. Thanks to the “Clueless Church Planter” who brought me with him to encourage the key leaders there and see how our EN family there is doing.

Pastor Dennis shared with us that in order to make a lasting legacy we need to acknowledge that all of life is never all about us-our names, achievements, awards, money and posssessions but its all about putting ourselves in a position of surrender where God can fully use us and where He can be most honored and praised in and through us.

In this post I want to highlight 3 men (a pastor, a musician, and a student)  whom I met in Hong Kong-History Makers who acknowledge that life is never all about them but Jesus, His fame, His purposes, His glory:

1. Pastor Sam- answered the call to pastor a church in Hong Kong with his wife Esther and 2 kids. He is passionate for God, loves his family and has an earnest desire to reach out to the locals of HK. A humble student of God and missions, he currently overseas three outreach groups, one in Tsim Sha Tsui, one in Tung Chung, and one in Lingnam University.

2. Kuya Kiko- a master cellist (plays the cello very well!), also passionate for God, loves his family, is the key person for the Monday Night Services in Tung Chung. Together with Ptr. Sam and their wives and other leaders, they train and mentor entertainers from HK Disney to reach out to their coworkers and neighbors.

3. Ryan-is a graduating social science student from Lingnam University, very passionate for God and the ministry of prayer and intercession. He is an influential student who mobilizes morning prayer groups that God has used to bring not only Chinese students but other international students to faith in Jesus. He has an earnest heart for missions and discipleship Let’s pray for God’s directions for him after his graduation.

These are just some of the men who are living a life of legacy centered on Christ not for their own names.

We too are called to be a part of what God is doing, to discover our roles and play our roles faithfully as we position ourselves in a place where God will be most honored and praised. Our names and achievements in life may be easily forgotten but the things we do for Christ will surely be for eternity! As what my school always remind us:

“Only one life t’wil soon be past, but only what’s done for Christ will last!”

Love the God of History. Be a part of what He is doing. Make History for all for His Glory!

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Send the Light This Summer 2010!

I still can remember the first time I joined a mission trip here in FEBIAS. It was right after my BBC year and it has been one of the most memorable and meaningful trips I’ve had.

I enjoyed meeting new people in a different culture and setting, walking long miles with my teammates, sleeping sweetly under the stars on the grass with some of the young people after a campfire and talking with people about Jesus.

I just realized now that ever since my first SMF mission trip, I got involved to at least one mission trip every summer or semester break not knowing that one day I would be serving as the SMF president.

Now that I am graduating, I look back without regrets. The exposure and experience was all worth it. I actually wish I had more!

The following are five reasons why every FEBIAS student should join SMF mission trips:

1. It gives you a first-hand exposure on the current needs of local churches other than your own local church.

Two things happen when you get involved in the ministry trip. First is you get to praise God for how He’s working in different places in our country for His glory, second is you get to pray more as you see the vastness of the harvest and the need for more workers.

2. It allows you to discover and practice your gifts and reminds you of the WHY you’re in a Bible school and encourages you to study harder and be more faithful.

We are never studying for studying sake. We are studying to get equipped for us to better meet the needs of the time in fulfilling the Great Commission. Our hard training in campus will only make sense out there in the field. It causes us to make the most of our college season.

3. It stretches your faith muscles and deepens your relationship with God.

In joining a ministry trip you learn how to believe God for funds that you’ll need out there. You learn for yourself the value of partnering with other people through prayers and financial support. And sharing with them the things that God is doing in and through you.

4. It widens your friendship circle and contacts in the Body of Christ

Meeting Christians in other places is such an encouragement. Learning about how they got saved and the things that God is doing among them is just amazing! It would be much greater if would be friends and prayer partners with them!

5. It creates bonds and camaraderie with other FCB students and teaches you to work well with other individuals.

The ministry is never for lone rangers. It has always been effective and efficient through teams. When you join a mission trip, you might have some little conflicts within due to personality and preference differences but learning to adjust and handle them correctly is what’s important. More than that, the bonding and the shared experiences you’ve had will be lasting memories in your college days! It will be all worth it!

Every Christian has been entrusted with the message of the good news and commissioned to share it with the people around us as we go through life. Febias mission trips are great avenues that we students should take part and never miss out! So what are you waiting for? Sign-up!

Prayer Bands Destinations
Local Church Prayer Band San Jose, Nueva Ecija
Tribes Prayer Band Oriental Mindoro
New Fields Prayer Band Batangas
Overseas Prayer Band Pampanga
Specialized Ministries Prayer Band Antipolo, Rizal

*For more details approach your prayer band leaders of any of the SMF officers :)

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On Transforming Nations

I just got home from Ed Silvoso’s conference at Victory Pioneer and Im just thinking through the things I’ve learned and heard.

Just this afternoon he shared with us that the heart of a nation is the marketplace and to transform a nation, we’ve got to bring the gospel to the marketplace. And the marketplace includes the businesses, education and the government.

Some Filipino leaders gave their testimonies on how they saw transformations taking place in our Armed Forces and even in the Philippine National Police and its really working! Police people are getting saved, generals repenting from their sinful lifestyles and some military leaders are ready to run for the upcoming elections with a renewed vision to bring change into the government system not by might but by sincere service and love for country and out of passion for God.

I was just thinking about that word “marketplace”.

I believe its where business happens, where real life happens, where real people interact and converge.

For high school and college students it would be their campuses (their co-students, even teachers, professors and school leaders and staff)

For businessmen and women its their workplace (their co-workers)

For public servants and government officials its their areas if responsibilities (their co-officials)

For actors and actresses its the show business (their co-artists)

For sportsmen and athletes its their sports world (their co-players)

For fathers its their own families (their wife and kids)

Pastors, church leaders and ministers has to really empower and equip the members of their congregation on becoming effective ministers and Christian leaders in their “marketplace”. Whether they may be students, singles, mothers, fathers, business people, professionals, taxi drivers, jeep drivers, or even security guards etc.

But what’s the main goal? For our nation to be a better place? So that everyone would be happy? So we could have a world with perfect peace and justice and so that we can live happily ever after?

I don’t know about you but for me whether I see that transformation take place in my generation or not I believe our focus should be to honor God with our lives and do what he calls us to do-to keep on demonstrating and proclaiming that great news of His saving grace in Jesus that really transforms both individuals and even nations-Make disciples.

I just believe that total transformation will take place when Jesus returns in our world to make all things perfectly new!

But as of now as we wait for Jesus’ return, we are to delight in Him, enjoy life in Him and with His people, honor Him and faithfully bring the gospel message to our own “marketplace”.

Yes believe God for national transformations and be expectant for great things to come but I believe we should all the more be expectant for His glorious return when He will make every nation totally new! (now this is happily ever after!)

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